Frequently Asked Questions for Pinify

1. What is Pinify?

Pinify is a dynamic web extension designed to enhance your online browsing and shopping experience by providing innovative tools and features.

2. How do I install Pinify?

You can install Pinify by visiting the Chrome Web Store Extension Page. Follow the installation instructions provided there.

3. Is Pinify free to use?

Yes, Pinify is completely free to use.

4. How does Pinify protect my privacy?

Pinify prioritizes your privacy by employing strict data protection measures and adhering to privacy laws. We collect minimal data necessary for the functionality of our extension and never sell your information to third parties.

5. What can I do with Pinify?

Whether you are:

Via Pinify, you can curate your CUSTOM COLLECTIONS and add ANY PRODUCT from ANY ONLINE STORE.

6. How do I contact Pinify for support?

For support or any inquiries, please email us at Our team is dedicated to assisting you promptly.

7. What features does Pinify will offer in the future?

Pinify will offer price tracking, personalized alerts, AI Shopping Copilot and more to streamline your online browsing and shopping.

8. How do I update Pinify?

Updates for Pinify are automatically applied by your browser.

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